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If you want to spoil yourself with a nice set of wheels, a loan may be just what you need to take the strain away. If you are currently searching for a car, you may have realised that the budget is small, and you did not get the amount you hoped for. At KIA Umhlanga, we offer you financial assistance with your car purchase. We expect our clients to drive off with a smile, not regret or doubt because they managed to use up all their savings. When it comes to vehicle finance, KIA Umhlanga guarantees that we will offer you a convenient solution, fast approval and we offer competitive rates - that’s KIA Konfidance. Ensure that you read all documents before signing them. Our partner is a licensed Financial Services Provider. We will apply for vehicle finance on your behalf from MFC, Absa, Wesbank and Stannic. If you have questions you can ask us online or come into the store.